“YellowCab Rewards 24×7” circulates on Messenger

After a circulating “Jollibee Spinwheelmania” circulates on Facebook’s Messenger few weeks ago comes another one impersonating YellowCab promos.

Despite being part of the most common and obvious attacks, there are still a lot who fell prey to these kind of attacks. To discuss further, here are what we’ve gathered:

Initial checking from came out as “Malicious”

Based on the codes found from the JavaScript, not only was it made with comments written in Croatian Language as per Google Transalte, but it behaves nearly the same if not exact, like the Jollibee Spinwheel. It will try to share itself to your contacts making it seem like a legitimate share.

Its first occurrence is still unknown and it seems that netizens learned their lessons the first time as it does not went viral as much. Still, it’s very suspicious as its behavior is definitely not just a normal marketing stunt.

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