PayMaya releases new and more secured EMV cards!

Said to be one of the world’s first, PayMaya releases a new EMV Card design that aims to strengthen its security.

Being part of the leading and in-demand payment option, PayMaya has revamped their card design. This features a minimalist black design in front that showcases only pertinent logos on the card. As a result, all personal information is kept away from prying eyes.

More often than not, PayMaya’s user base are millennials. With lack of awareness, this is a response to a variety of disappointing social habits. As a part if not the leading in social media use, some of us fell victim by posting the images of their cards and unknowingly providing vital information.

“We know our users love their cards which is why they are always excited to post about it on their social media accounts, but that also means exposing sensitive personal information to the public. With this new card, our customers are assured that they can share and brandish their cards to their heart’s content without risking their safety and security,”

said Kenneth Palacios, Head of Wallets Business at PayMaya Philippines.  

Basically, the revamped EMV card’s new security feature mainly focuses on the design of the cards. The EMV chip was already implemented some time back and no additional information was provided if they modified it for better security.

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Information was gathered as received from Voyager Innovations, Inc.

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