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PayMaya – Virtual Prepaid Credit Card Experience

UPDATE: 2019 – Haven’t been checking the FAQs of this service for more than a few years now but am still an avid user. I’ve already topped up at most Php. 5,000 but haven’t had any convenience fees. Been also with different hosting providers and did a lot of online transactions. Even got a hand on their “Send Money” feature that would cater Smart Padala transactions once you get verified! Paying bills is probably a feature I wasn’t able to discuss but I most loved and might post about it any time soon. So stay tuned!

2016 – I’ve been with HostGator for four consecutive months now and thankfully, HostGator has been accepting my PayMaya VISA details for my transactions since the second time I’ve tried. But honestly, what I enjoyed most was the ability to use the remaining balance to top-up some of my peers’ Smart Prepaid SIM which gives me a low but still an opportunity to gain some funds. Currently, I’ve made transactions for Spotify and HostGator online while most of the excess funds was used to become a reloading station of some sort.

Hi there mates! Here we are again for another insight of the new prepaid virtual card that’s been roaming since late last year. PayMaya was actually a product of Smart Telecommunications which of course will rival Globe’s Prepaid Virtual Card as well.

Since the era of online shopping began, a demand for credit cards are still a huge dilemma for those who have a desire for buying things online. A lot of buy-and-sell sites also emerged for the past few years which definitely means that this idea could be a great hit!

Like the rest of virtual credit cards, the user only need to register and top up their account to enjoy the service but the catch is definitely right around the corner. As confused as I may be, I believe that the FAQ presented by PayMaya indicates that on every PhP 1,000.00 top up, a fifteen peso (PhP 15.00) deduction will take place and will increase once the loaded amount increases. So the thing now is if this is reliable?

As a backup, you could avail the physical card of PayMaya for around PhP 100.00 – 200.00 which you could then link to your virtual card plus you will always get notifications on every transaction.

Just like the early release of Globe’s Prepaid Master Credit Card, you could even use this as payment for MRT / LRT stations via Beep and if you even thought that reloading this prepaid card would be such a pain, then think again! PayMaya could be reloaded via 7-Eleven stores, SM Malls, and other payment gateways they make partners with. You could check a comprehensive list at their site.


Now, let’s go for the experience. Reloading the card was in fact very easy! I just used the Kiosk machine of 7-Eleven and viola! The amount was transferred to my account at such a short period of time! It even felt great as you can use PayMaya Virtual Credit Card to link with your PayPal account and proceed with other transactions that doesn’t involve VISA cards.

For the second part of the experience was when I try to use PayMaya to transact an online web hosting service. After I filled up the form, I decided to try this one out at HostGator. Unfortunately, my high expectation subsided when the hosting provider says that the credit card information I placed was invalid. Good thing that I linked it through my PayPal account which eventually helped with the transaction. It was deducted in my PayMaya account but was only possible when PayPal mediates between the two.


Virtual credit cards was already available for a long time now, but still it doesn’t reach its full potential. Even PayPal removed their virtual card service which they had before since they encountered a lot of problem with the same kind of service.

If you really wanted to make transactions online, feel free to do so. PayMaya was claimed to be backed by experienced companies/people abroad. It was just really disappointing that I had negative experiences on my first try using the card for my international transactions.

How about you guys!? Any experiences you wanted to share with us!? Don’t hesitate to place your comments below!

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