How to Fix “Panels or Tabs not displaying” on AutoCAD

Well this just happened a while ago while I tried to do a drawing at home. I’ve been an AutoCAD user for only a year though have not experienced any form of formal training so when it comes to problems like this, I could definitely say that Google is our friend.

The ribbon does not have any tabs or panels currently loaded

Upon searching the web for a concrete solution including searching for video tutorials, there was this tutorial that gave a solid solution. Unfortunately, I could not recall the source and by simply giving out a link would mean that it is likely for me to point out a wrong citation so instead, I’ll just be posting how to load or unload the tabs in AutoCAD. See the step-by-step guide below.

  1. In your workspace, type in CUIUNLOAD.
  2. In the next module check if there are any customization groups loaded.
    • If there’s any, Unload the Groups that are present
    • If there’s none, Click on “Browse” on the second frame
  3. Click on the “acad” file.
  4. Then click on Load

That should do it perfectly! It may still display a “Not Loaded” message but as I experience it, it’s just loading the acad file you selected during the process and will eventually show up.

Keep in mind that this guide was only tested in an AutoCAD 2011 environment. There might be major changes when using higher versions of the software which could make this guide unreliable when tried in different versions.

For a detailed instruction. Please watch the video below.

Images Used:

“AutoCAD_2006_drawing”by Shaan Hurley is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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