Enabling IIS Server in a Windows PC

Here we are again as we try to give you a walk through on how to enable the IIS (Internet Information Service) Server in Windows. Most of us are fond of using other web server applications like, XAMPP, WAMP or MAMP but little did we know that there’s already an existing server application residing on our Windows unit.

To give a brief description, I’ll be siting the first description gathered from Wikipedia.

Internet Information Services (IIS, formerly Internet Information Server) is an extensible web server created by Microsoft for use with the Windows NT family.[2] IIS supports HTTP, HTTP/2, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP and NNTP. It has been an integral part of the Windows NT family since Windows NT 4.0, though it may be absent from some editions (e.g. Windows XP Home edition), and is not active by default.

To enable the IIS Service, please follow the steps indicated below.

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Go to Programs
  3. Click Windows Features on or off
  4. Click the Folder “Internet Information Services”
  5. Click all its subfolders (or specify the functionalities you desire)
  6. Click Internet Information Services Hostable Web Core
  7. Click on “OK” button

Hope this helps in any way to the needy. Drop your feedback or comments below! ‘Til next time.

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